ZENEYM is a discoverer that is always looking for and exploring new vision and ideas. Our priorities are to create the unicity of the object, which is the result of artistic and technical design process. We create the future, savor modern and bite the past for a dessert.

The main task of interior design is to create a harmony and comfortable interior space. The process begins with measurements and harmonization of planning the room and style of the object. The next and one of the main elements of the project is 3D visualization, on which the designer agrees all parts with the customer, before making the working project. Work project includes all the necessary and detailed information for the realization of the design. In addition to the above-mentioned things, we provide a list of interior filling, which includes all the projected items. The list contains the number, name, article, and store address where you can buy one or the other element. Workflow management is an necessary part of the whole process of creating an interior. Going to the object to provide advice and solutions to current issues. 

Industrial design has a wide range of concepts and includes the meaning of creating any object which is in front of you – objects of everyday use, industrial, furniture, lighting etc. This is a rather extensive list that can be fill up every second. Design process includes a large list of aspects for generation and is discussed individually.

Architectural project is picture of the future construction with drawings and visualizations. When you order an architectural project, we consider all your wishes of stylistics, forms and planning decisions. Our task is to create a beautiful exterior with the comfortable and effective interior space. Architectural project includes photorealistic visualization and all necessary working documentation for it realization.

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